Funny stickam sex stories. Got it in facebook, myspace etc

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Funny stickam sex stories. Got it in facebook, myspace etc

Postby Jetsun » Sat Dec 08, 2012 2:40 am

lol sometimes i'm waste my time in facebook and myspace teenage groups
and i like looking for funny stories about stickam sex written by happy guys
i will post the most funnies stories here (you can and have to post also :) )

first storie (the funniest moments are marked):

Ok so me and my good friend (we are both guys) made a pact that our first time having sex was going to be if any of us got a girl to have sex with us we would convince her to have a three some so we tried and tried to get laid but nothing. one night he was staying the night at my house and we started drinking and playing video games, we got bored so we both agreed to play strip poker to humiliate each other ( we were both drunk at this point) then during the game we agreed the person who loses has to suck the other ones cock. I won first then him and in the end we just decided just to suck each other we did this for a couple of weeks. but then a few months after that he started going out with this hot chick so he invited me and her over we all started drinking then all went skinny dipping my cock got rock hard the minute i saw her naked body she had an amazing pussy and amazing boobs so my friend starts to talk to her then she gos under water looks at my cock then comes back up looks at my friend and shakes her head yes so they start fucking and then my friend comes over to me and she climbs on me and i slide my cock in to her perfect pussy and we start fucking then we all get out and we start fucking outside the pool i sat down on a lounge chair and she got on top of me and starts riding me then we go inside and fuck on his bed then his brothers bed and while she was sucking my friends cock i was thrusting back and fourth finaly we were done and and i was so thankful of my friend for getting me into a three some when we were freshman i will never forget it

and the firs comment to this storie:
dude don't ever share a weird fucking homo story like that again you and your boy sucked each other off...fucking gross you should be ashamed of yourself. And by the way this a porn site strictly female so save your boyish gay stories for a cock on cock only website....i'm disgusted after reading that.

...we just decided just to suck each other we did this for a couple of weeks...
ahahaha. well done guys, that's i call the real men friendship
lol :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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Re: Funny stickam sex stories. Got it in facebook, myspace

Postby peterya760 » Thu May 23, 2013 10:08 pm

this is a nice and funny story...thank you for sharing...
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